Bi-Monthly meeting September 2017 minutes


When we at allotments ask for any support from MCC parks, green spaces and allotments we are told that there is either no budget left or they do not have the facilities or resources.

The photo’s show Mr john Harten, who has allotments 3&4 on Brooklands, who works for Parks, arriving on site at 11.50 on Monday morning and by 11.59 he was strimming his plot, which we might add that is the most work that has been done on the plot since he has had the plot, we assume Monday is a normal working day otherwise he would not have the vehicle and equipment.

Just to fill in the blanks, the van is a parks van and should only be used on MCC and parks business, the equipment he is using is also MCC and parks and again is for use in his role as a parks employee.

It would appear that it is good to have your manager, Mr Steve West, as a friend so you can do whatever you want.

The site with support from AMAS have been trying to evict Mr Harten for at least two years, as he has only grown grass and weeds, so when the paperwork is passed to Mr John Howard, the NEDO, who works for Mr West, it gets ‘lost.

I suppose it makes interesting conversation when they are all having a beer together.

We are now told that parks are now going to increase their staff as they are only fire fighting the works required, perhaps if they managed their staff better and stop the waste of resources, they may not need to increase staff just make sure they are getting value for money from what they already have, as this may not be an isolated incident, we are not to know the truth.

We are now told that the staff now work on a trust system of work, instead of the earlier system of logging  which used to make staff accountable for what they do and where and how long it takes. This goes to prove that trust is in the eye of the beholder.

We are all council tax payers so we expect better from managers and staff of MCC.